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The Internet of Things Howduino


Howduino comes back to Liverpool on the 3rd/4th November 2012 for an "Internet of Things" special. The event will be held in DoES Liverpool, which will mean we'll have access to all of their facilities - laser-cutter, 3D printers, vacuum former...


To get a ticket head over to the  IoT Howduino Eventbrite page




Idea pitching.  Anyone who has a project they're thinking of making can pitch it to try to find collaborators or help
Let the hacking commence!
Lunch will be provided
End of day one.  Retire to a The Shipping Forecast for beer, food, and mulling over grand plans



Resume hacking!
Lunch will be provided
Show and Tell.  Demonstrate the cool things you've built over the weekend
Closing talk from Russell Davies (the Wired columnist, rather than the Doctor Who guy :-)
Retire to local hostelry for beer, food, and swapping war stories of epic hacking


Some Ideas to Help You Find Something to Build


Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino - Mood-jects

Alexandra ran Tinker London, one of the first studios to work in the Internet of Things and which helped popularize the Arduino in the UK.  She now provides consultancy on connected devices and is CEO of Good Night Lamp, a startup building a network of connected lamps to help you connect with loved ones.  She wonders what people could come up with if they...
"Think about designing a product with a personality, something that reacts in an unexpected yet human way to what happens online. Think about the affordances of everyday objects and what simple behaviours you could either track, or control to express an emotion."

Usman Haque - Many-to-many

Usman founded Pachube, the Internet of Things platform which recently changed its name to Cosm.com.  He's also responsible for all manner of interesting projects such as the Natural Fuse, and the Addicted Toaster.  He has offered this product brief to inspire people to think about many-to-many connections in the Internet of Things...

"Energy meters, spooky-action-at-a-distance, monitoring sensors: these one-to-one connection scenarios are all pretty old skool in the world of connected devices. I'd like to explore instead the idea of collections of devices that have many-to-many behaviours, where the behaviour of any individual device is directly influenced by the current states and behaviours of all the other devices in its 'community', near or far. At its simplest this could be a light that can only be switched on when other remote lights are all switched off. More complex might be a set of devices that have several sensor inputs and respond to various user interactions, or one in which the state of nearby devices has more influence. The point is to start thinking about the design of products and services where both people and their devices are intimately connected and this extreme connectivity results in unexpected, but innovative, interactions."


Adrian McEwen - Things Across the Mersey...

"There is a big river just down the way.  What would it mean to you to connect the River Mersey to the Internet.  What could you monitor?  How would you visualise the things on, in or under the river to help people feel more connected to the maritime tradition."


Adrian McEwen - The Mediated Garden

"FACT have a roof garden and they are planning on reconnecting it to the Internet.  In the past there have been a number of Arduinos doing environmental monitoring.  How would you connect their garden to the Internet,  what would you monitor and how would you convey that to the wider world?"


Makielab - Giving Your Doll a Behaviour

The guys from Makielab are bringing a couple of their cool 3D-printed dolls along.  They've got room to squeeze a little Arduino inside, but they've been too busy working on the 3D-printing side of things to fully explore what interesting behaviours or interactions the electronics present.  They'll be looking for people with ideas who want to experiment with hacking some dolls.


Who'll Be Attending?


We'll get the most out of the day if we find out a bit more about who's coming, what sorts of thing you're interested in, and your areas of (or lack of) expertise.  Tell us a bit about yourself below, then start brainstorming what we can build on the PossibleProjects page.


  1. Adrian McEwen - blog twitter.com/amcewen - Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, better at software than hardware
  2. Thom Shannon - blog twitter - Another Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, mainly a software guy 
  3. Cefn Hoile - blog twitter - Highwire PhD applicant, Howduino organiser, Arduino hacker and workshop facilitator  
  4. Jodi Schneider - blog @jschneider academic stuff - Social/semantic web geek interested in self-surveillance/quantified self


http://agario.blue/ agario

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