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Howduino NCL


Howduino NCL will take place on Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th of July at the Centre for Life in Newcastle.  Visit the Centre for Life booking page to sign up.


Who'll Be Attending?


We'll get the most out of the day if we find out a bit more about who's coming, what sorts of thing you're interested in, and your areas of (or lack of) expertise.  Tell us a bit about yourself below, then start brainstorming what we can build on the PossibleProjects page.


  1. Adrian McEwen - blog twitter.com/amcewen - Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, better at software than hardware
  2. Thom Shannon - blog twitter - Another Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, mainly a software guy
  3. Brian Degger - twitter.com/drbrian - Went to first Howduino event, loved it, worked to get it to Newcastle. Really excited about it.
  4. Chris Dick - no web page. yet.. - First Howduino, recently picked up an Arduino for a project. Good with Hardware, not too bad with Software.  
  5. John T - blog twitter - First time Howduino attendee, been using Arduinos for over a year on a variety of projects, including personal and educational/commercial. Mostly work with software.
  6. Alistair MacDonald - blog twitter - I seem to have gained a reputation for knocking the power off, but I have only done that at one conference, and I promise not to do it here.     
  7. Craig Gilbert - twitter.com/cgilbert - My first Howduino, picked up an Arduino after the Maker Faire @ Life in March and have since tried to get to grips with C and electronics for the first time (not very successfully!); I'm mainly a networky-type of guy.

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