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Project DisplaySharing

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Project Sharing:


What it is:

Bring any finsihed or in process projects to show off, chat about, seek advice on.


What Will Be Brought: 



-ARDX Experimentation Kit Mock Up - (Our soon to be released arduino starter kit (something we're quite excited about, we'll have bits around to test out some of the circuits and a couple of extra copies of the printed book)


-BBAC Breadboard Based Arduino - An Arduino built using a paper layout sheet and breadboard 

-8 x 8 LED Matrix  - How to make your own here ( http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:471

-Mini SERb Robot (Hopefully nunchuck controlled)

-WHIR Whiteboard robot (hopefully)

  Hopefully it will be done in time a http://www.hektor.ch/ clone, with whiteboard marker



(any questions here)

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