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Howduino is a weekend of hardware and Arduino hacking taking place in Poole from Saturday 10th October 2009.  Full details can be found over at www.howduino.com


Who'll Be Attending?

Howduino is a sell out!  We are operating a wait list, so if you find you can't make it after all, please let us know so we can give your ticket to someone else.  If you want to join the wait list then sign up for the mailing list.


However, we'll get the most out of the day if we find out a bit more about who's coming, what sorts of thing you're interested in, and your areas of (or lack of) expertise.  Tell us a bit about yourself below, then start brainstorming what we can build on the PossibleProjects page.


  1. Adrian McEwen - blog twitter.com/amcewen - Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, better at software than hardware
  2. Thom Shannon - blog twitter - Another Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, mainly a software guy
  3. Dan W - @iamdanw - Mainly web/mobile developer, quite new to Arduino. Will be making a tweeting alarm clock.
  4. Joe Flintham - blog twitter - Interactive Media Lecturer in Bournemouth, hoping for ideas to get students using Arduino / doing physical computing projects
  5. Mark Lamb - twitter - software engineer with electronics background, musician. Interested in exploring the possibilities of Arduinos for music and otherwise. No specific projects in mind but have a Theremin with CV outputs that could be used as a controller, if anyone has a suitable project.
  6. Sam Whitehall – twitter.com/gesiwuj – I have an interest and experience in both the hardware and software sides. Bringing along a few goodies including a "TellyMate" (maybe make an online Ceefax-style clone), Nintendo DS touchscreen and iPod click-wheel-style component. Happy to join in any interest projects.
  7. Alice Ralph - Work at KUBE as ICT/Web/Graphic technician so will be facilitating but also taking part. A newbie & no particular project in mind (yet!) but lots of ideas and mainly keen to learn.
  8. Susan Sloan - http://www.flickr.com/photos/7731743@N04/.  Artist/Lecturer (National Centre for Computer Animation - Bournemouth). My work is mainly screen-based animation but there is no reason for animation to be purely screen based me thinks. My interest in Arduino comes from using the tagtool www.tagtool.org [Adrian McEwen - Hadn't seen the tagtool before.  Are you thinking of building one?  If you can get some sliders before Saturday it doesn't look too tricky to make]
  9. Taylor Westoby - BA Interactive Media Production 3rd year student at Bournemouth University. I am interested in seeing what projects are on going and getting hands on as much as I can. Really interested in the potential that howduino has and looking forward to getting some inspiration for future projects.
  10. David Pike - Another IMP student. Coming into this experience I know very little about the Arduino chip, but the more I hear about it the more I like the sound of it. Looking forward to seeing first hand what it is capable of, and if it is what I am expecting, I may even been interested in using within my major project.
  11. Terry Masher - twitter - another Interactive Media Production 3rd Year student at Bournemouth University. Hoping to get involved as much as possible and to see what projects will be going on. No specific projects in mind but keen to learn.
  12. Stewart Dunn - Will bring along a couple of projects that could be developed - motor operated toy keyboard and robot  -  will need help with software  but good at general construction. Hope to bring along some of the Kre8 making system parts for use by others   www.kre8.com  - May be suitable for a small group. 
  13. Helen Sloan - Director of Digital and Interdisciplinary Arts organisation SCAN http://www.scansite.org that delivers commissions and projects all over the UK and internationally. No specific projects in mind but do have a few Tomy toys I'd like to get doing something inventive - and I'm new to this.





     Infrared harp  - Joe Flintham

     ThereXylomin - Mark Lamb & Stewart Dunn



Somewhere to Stay?

Howduino Poole is running over two days on Saturday 10th and Sunday 11th October, but the gallery will be closed overnight so if you're from out of town then you'll need to find somewhere to stay for the Saturday night.


Nearby B&Bs or guesthouses:

  • The Laurels B&B.  This is where Thom and Adrian are staying, but don't let that put you off ;-)
  • Viewpoint guesthouse.  Another place close to the gallery - they had a few artists staying there recently who were "thrilled".


Food / Refreshments 

The cafe in KUBE will be opening specially for us, and selling a selection of lunches as well as light bites  (jacket potatoes, salads, sandwiches). Coffees, teas, drinks are also available

All at very accessible prices. salads/potatoes start at £3, hot drinks start at £1,20. Plenty of cakes, flapjacks, crisps, nuts.


Very close to the Kube is the Sloop pub, serving lunches and evening meals.  In the evening there are some very good bars/pubs/restaurants in the nearby Ashley Cross area.


I Don't Know My Soldering Iron From My USB Cable

Don't worry.  We're still working out exactly how things are going to work, but there'll be something for all abilities.  Head over to the PossibleProjects page and add your thoughts to the "Beginners Projects" discussion.


Keeping Up With Changes

When you join this wiki you'll automatically (I think) get sent an email whenever it changes.  If you want to stop the emails then you can change the setting in your account profile.  If you want to track changes in your RSS reader, then subscribe to the recent changes RSS feed.  There's also the @Howduino twitter account where we'll be tweeting about all things Howduino.

Comments (9)

Adrian McEwen said

at 8:09 pm on Oct 5, 2009

Theremin? TellyMate? That's what we like to see - interesting stuff being brought along

susansloan said

at 7:29 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Adrian, I think I might have some sliders i.e. to make a tagtool, but if not, I'm happy to join in any project and quite fancy just playing.

stewart@... said

at 8:35 pm on Oct 8, 2009

In order to get cheap brand new 4 wire small stepper motors I had to buy 20 more than I actually needed - If anybody needs a few steppers for £4.50 each please let me know - I will bring some along. Stewart Dunn

Sam Whitehall said

at 10:21 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Right, I'll be bringing my Tellymate, but I can't find the little 3.5mm -> AV cable. If anyone has one of these, or has just one of those AV sockets and the knowledge to hack one together, that'd be marvellous :)

Adrian McEwen said

at 11:28 pm on Oct 8, 2009

Susan, I guess they don't *have* to be sliders, so if you want to build one we can probably cobble together enough potentiometers, or even have light dependent resistors for some of the controls :-)

Sam, I'm not sure exactly what you'd need cable-wise, but I'll have a 3.5mm stereo jack to twin phono if that's any use? We can see on the day, and as you say, maybe hack one together otherwise.

thom said

at 9:16 am on Oct 9, 2009

Sam, I can bring a 4 ring 3.5mm to composite video, I think that's what you mean.

Sam Whitehall said

at 3:07 pm on Oct 9, 2009

Actually, no panic, I found it :)

I'll be bringing along a huge box with plenty of stuff including some interesting components, dying to be used :)

Joe Flintham said

at 3:33 pm on Oct 9, 2009

Sliders - I have loads of assorted pots I can bring along ...

Helen Sloan said

at 7:06 pm on Oct 10, 2009

Quick thank you to all for such an interesting day and glad that I was able to play and get something working. I am going to come back to another one - this time better prepared...

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