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Howduino is a day of hardware and Arduino hacking taking place in Liverpool on Saturday 23rd May 2009.  Full details can be found over at www.howduino.com.


Stop Press!

  • 20th May 2009: If you need directions or more information about the venue, then check out the Getting To FACT page.  Directions, hotel info and some pointers for where to get lunch on the day.
  • 20th May 2009: Prizes!  The great guys at O'Reilly have given us some cool goodies to give out during the day.  We haven't quite decided the categories yet, but they'll probably be for things like best project; most progress made on the day; most components killed in the name of tinkering...


Who'll Be Attending?

Howduino will be completely FREE, but spaces are limited and so we'll be releasing a tickets on a first come, first served basis.  To be notified when tickets are available, please go and sign up for the mailing list.


However, we'll get the most out of the day if we find out a bit more about who's coming, what sorts of thing you're interested in, and your areas of (or lack of) expertise.  Tell us a bit about yourself below, then start brainstorming what we can build on the PossibleProjects page.


  1. Adrian McEwen - blog twitter.com/amcewen - Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, better at software than hardware
  2. Thom Shannon - blog twitter - Another Howduino organiser and Arduino hacker, mainly a software guy
  3. Tim Cowlishaw - blog twitter - Programmer and generally-interested-person. Some experience with Arduino but my electronics / hardware knowledge is very rusty.
  4. John McKerrell - blog twitter - Programmer, developer of mapme.at. Hoping to try Arduino for the first time.
  5. Melissa Adey - Twitter - Total newbie to arduino and hardware generally. Some coding knowledge. Have an ardino kit and some bits and bobs to bring along. 
  6. Nikki Pugh - npugh.co.uk @genzaichi fizzPOP Never used arduino before, hoping to have bought one by the 23rd! Interested in interfaces between digital and Other Stuff. Not got much coding experience, but can bring soldering iron and a handful of components if that's useful.
  7. Tim Duckett - blog twitter - serial tinkerer of things technical. Some experience with Arduino to do things like toy abuse. Enough code knowledge to be dangerous, but only marginally useful. Have a couple of Arduinos and an Ethernet shield - I'll also bring my box of junk...
  8. Peter Howden. New to Arduino - bought one a few days ago with various bits and pieces (wires, LEDs, small motors, light sensors etc). Quite a lot of general programming experience. Will bring Arduino and netbook (with Arduino software and Processing on) to Howduino.
  9. Andy Goodwin - twitter - I have an Arduino clone but haven't got a clue how to do anything beyond flashing LEDs - now I want brrr brrr not blink blink.  Im great at blowing stuff up if that helps?
  10. Pete McCabe – twitter – I'm an artist, musician and graphic designer with a low IQ. I've designed some world famous logos in the past but I want to put all that behind me. I'm also a virgin (Added on Pete's behalf from comments).
  11. Ross Jones - twitter - Software developer, new to Arduino and H/W.
  12. Nick Peters - twitter - Programmer/web developer.   I've had an arduino for about 3 weeks.  I've made a gmail notifier lamp but haven't used any hardware fancier than some RGB LEDs.  Will bring my ethernet shield with me.
  13. Stuart Childs - twitter - Fiddler of all things sound, mildy technical and electronic. I have some experience bending toys, had an arduino for a few months but not had chance to get my teeth into it proper. Also involved in FriiSpray - wiimote based IR graffiti.
  14. Venya Krutikov - website - been playing with Arduino for about 3 months now, built a light organ that was controlled by MIDI over arduino, now want to build more complicated constructions that can flash, make noise, move and maybe even pump out a bit of smoke.
  15. Emma Mulqueeny - twitter - website - co-founder/organiser of Rewired State, about to run a young geek Rewired State (pref with Arduino stuff). Interested in public service hardware/data hacks. No talent whatsoever but can make stuff happen (and get government data).
  16. Martin Owen blog twitter - Programmer. Just ordered an Arduino and Ethernet shield - not touched hardware for a while.
  17. Stewart Dunn - Interested in  school electronics and use of Arduino for control projects - also ideas for disabled students. Would like to see what  is possible and do some programing. Have developed a contruction systems called Kre8 (create) www.kre8.com that I would like to use with Arduino.
  18. Jonathan Deamer - blog(s) - Twitter - General new meeja/web enthusiast. Great with ideas, concepts, user journeys etc., very un-great with a soldering iron.
  19. Sophie Green - Twitter - Website - Freelance Artist and Illustrator. Anything Crafty or Makey is my area - Keep it simple and make it pretty. Have lots of ideas though zero knowledge of Programming and Electronics! I'll be making Brushbots. They may paint, they may play football, I haven't decided yet!
  20. Tom Kerswill - Blog - Web - Twitter - Musician / web developer. Love the idea of Arduino. Very tempted to buy one! Haven't actually got my hands on one, but have tinkered with electronics in the past and will dig out the soldering iron...
  21. Adam Ray - http://www.allthatflash.co.uk - - Programming background, now in advertising! Have an unhealthy obsession with Arduino and creating artistic links between the net and the real world. Really want to look at building the drawinio, any takers? 
  22. Brian Degger http://transitlab.org twitter/flickr: sctv A visiting NorthEasterner(Newcastle) -Biotechnology background, have a small stable of Arduino pets and associated hardware. Have a good idea of the technology side and the art side (ie will wield a soldering iron, and have a understanding of some of the code for arduino, interested in interactive arts). Can bring some other cool things like a few blinkMs and a programmer(for burning atmel chips) means we can make som minimal breadboard arduinos
  23. charlie (f) - web, aka pindec on twitter/flickr - serial tinkerer, programming background, interest in cake / tech interfaces. Slightly inept / ignorant on hardware front (can't solder yet), but happy to rummage around nonetheless. Own an Arduino and have tinkered but not yet cracked it; planning ultimately to build some kind of cake orchestra :).
  24. Paul Howard - Programming background, some electronics expertise, but theory rubbish.  Have had Arduino for a while but only done basics.
  25. Aaron Nielsen - @oomlout - Enjoy arduino'ing and work for oomlout.com who make open source products 



  • BrushBots - Sophie Green
  • pete's howduinoart
  • Arduino powered clock device - John McKerrell
  • FREE Dancing  robots - Stewart Dunn will bring along  6 simple plastic kits (make in 1/2 hour)  to anybody who wants one to make a simple robot  (then make it dance etc) [The idea being to assemble a simple construction kit robot  (about 20cm x 14cm) with two 6V dc motors   and then add an  Arduino to it   - this could be done individually or as a group]
  • Drawbot 
  • Drawdio  (not an arduino thing, but a fairly simple/extensible circuit) [Suggested by Brian]
  • Missile Launcher
  • £5 Challenge - You have £5 to spend at pound land (or other pound or charity shop) to procure as many neat items, then you're tasked with turning it into something awesome. (with the aid of as much soldering, gluing as your heart desires (we may even bend the rules to allow an arduino brain))BudgetHardwareHacksChallenge
  • High Speed Photography - Use an Arduino, a one time use camera (with flash) and some electronics to capture moments in time (ie. Balloons popping, droplets of water splashing, your choice of breaking cracking or smashing)
  • Remote Control Car Retrofit - Retrofit a toy remote control car to be controlled by an arduino then add sensors etc.
  • Old Electronics Harvesting - Bring a broken printer, old scanner, maybe a no longer used hard drive, We'll have tools on hand to help take it apart and the "expertise"/"unwarranted confidence" to figure out neat stuff to do with it. (For this one the older the technology the better)
  • Project Display/Sharing - Bring your current or past Arduino project and show it off / chat about where to go next. (leave any project you plan on bringing here so people can know what to look forward to)
  • Twitter Race - Martin Owen - Two R/C cars race to visualise trends on Twitter.


I Don't Know My Soldering Iron From My USB Cable

Don't worry.  We're still working out exactly how things are going to work, but there'll be something for all abilities.  Head over to the PossibleProjects page and add your thoughts to the "Beginners Projects" discussion.


Keeping Up With Changes

When you join this wiki you'll automatically (I think) get sent an email whenever it changes.  If you want to stop the emails then you can change the setting in your account profile.  If you want to track changes in your RSS reader, then subscribe to the recent changes RSS feed.  There's also the @Howduino twitter account where we'll be tweeting about all things Howduino.

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