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High Speed Photography

Page history last edited by .:oomlout:. 11 years, 1 month ago

High Speed Photography:


What it is:

Ever seen neat photos of bursting balloons, splashing water droplets, exploding eggs. Taking these really neat photos is not very complicated.



(taken by me @oomlout)

What We Do:

This is quite easy to achieve. You have a dark room, you open your camera shutter for a long period (10 - 15 seconds). Then you let a droplet of water fall through a photo gate delay then trigger your disposable camera flash.


What is needed to make your own: 

(please bring these items along if possible)

-Digital Camera (any digital camera with a Manual mode (no need for a trigger socket))

-Disposable Camera with Flash (we are going to use the flash circuit from this so if you have a local photo developer sometimes if you ask nicely they'll give you a spent one for free)

-Transistor (general purpose 2222 is always good)

-Small relay (with a 5 volt coil)


Triggering Sensor

-For Light (photo resistor & LED (bright) or laser pointer

- For Sound (pieze element (I have to experiment with sound triggering a little more but we should be able to get it to work on the day)


Prototyping Stuff


-Jumper Wire


-Laptop (with Arduino IDE installed)

-USB A to B cable



(any questions add them here)

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