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Page history last edited by .:oomlout:. 11 years, 1 month ago

£5 Challenge


What it is:

You have five pounds to spend at Pound Land (or any other shop) to procure any number of neat items. You are then charged with disasembling these items and through great feats of gluing, soldering and imagining turning it into an amazing creation (the rules on this one are rather loose the bringing in of additional components and an Arduino may be allowed, the idea is to take commodity products and get them to do something different.)



Just buy anything that looks neat, chances are if it flashes, spins or makes a noice there will be someone on hand who can help you alter/exploit these traits.


Some Discovered Products: 

(these currently just come from Brian(@sctv) and I's(@oomlout) first attempt at this challenge, but if you discover something neat and cheap please add it)

From Pound Land: 

-Bubble blowing Gun - comes with two batteries and is a small motor with rather impressive attached fan housing (great for bubble blowing or even inflating projects)

-Very Pink Camera - Has a small light as well as sound chip inside (with inspirational sayings) a lot of neat stuff to play around with

-Solar Garden Light - We didn't have much success with these but they are great, and include a white LED a charging (ie. booster) circuit, AAA battery and small solar cell.

-Tool Set - It won't make your creation look cooler but a pack of tiny screw drivers and a few extra pliers never hurt.


(you'll probably be allowed to scavenge pieces from other peoples collected electronics as well)



(any questions about this project add them here) 


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